Public Clothing Company

PCC is a diverse platform that offers brands centralized resources and a streamlined process for bringing their ideas and designs to market.

We see each brand as an opportunity to match unique creative ideas with comprehensive business and manufacturing capabilities.

Our infrastructure supports brands with sourcing, financing, and e-commerce so that they can focus on what they do best. We approach each brand with a nuanced understanding of the creative process, first establishing a strong relationship with all creative teams to ensure the preservation of authenticity and integrity. These long-standing relationships are a testament to our commitment to all parties involved.

The PCC Story

PCC was founded in 1993 as a private label business focused on product development for retailers in the wholesale market. By developing tailored product geared toward each specific retailer’s needs, PCC has built a reputation that speaks to both ingenuity and competitive pricing.

After acquiring Generra, a sportswear company, and the license for Perry Ellis Women’s in the early 2000s, PCC quickly learned to shepherd known brands to retail success with individualized sourcing, merchandising and pricing.

Having built core competencies and in-house teams across all relevant sectors of the apparel business, from sourcing and supply chain to finance, e-commerce, and logistics, PCC now exists as a well-rounded entity able to meet all customer needs.

Today, PCC operates as a multifaceted platform that can adapt for and support a diverse range of fashion and accessory brands.