When Lori Florio and Emily Vitale, two college friends, formed Prismsport in 2012, they weren’t thinking about sports. They were thinking about women -- women who deserve to be championed and celebrated with clothing that is as dynamic and charismatic as they are. With this in mind, they built Prismsport--an innovative athletic performance brand. Taking unique patterns and bold aspirations, they looked to change the way the fashion industry looked at women’s sportswear. Female-focused and fully functional, the brand quickly garnered a loyal following. As they began to grow, their approach to production and manufacturing needed to shift to accommodate scale. The brand’s partnership with PCC allowed access to a crucial network, supported by an unparalleled expertise in the fashion business. “Prismsport is an athletic performance brand created for women by women” says Florio. Vitale adds, “Each piece transitions seamlessly from studio to street and back to the studio.”